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Gearing up for the crunch!
9/24/2012 03:02:11

Well we are down to 9 weeks till the lights turn on.

Right now my main focus is to refine and republish the sequences I plan to use in the show this year. There are no major changes to the show compared to last year, just minor tweeks to timing and behind the scenes changes to computer files due to computer program updates.

Bill Heintzen
11/9/2013 08:15:09

Hello just upgrades to 64 s-3 from 32 station could use some help if you have any 64 station Christmas sequencing started on lights 3 weeks ago still have 12 tubs of led m5 lights to go I have over 225,000 more to go my front yard is 550 ' long or know anyone that can help? I do it for the kids, old folks center's and care & share


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